The Manifesto

Vol. 6 (Dec. 3, 2021)

At Mega Ticket 2021, Gary Jay ended Jeremy Wyatt’s 3-year-long reign to become the Gateway Heritage Champion for the fourth time.

That same night, Billie Starkz shocked the wrestling world by winning the Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup, earning herself a shot at the title.

Billie did not waste any time and challenged Gary for the championship on January 21 at Gateway to Anarchy.

These two faced off last April at IWTV Family Reunion, and Gary dispatched Billie in less than 10 minutes. 

Since her debut in Nov. 2018, Billie Starkz has won the hearts and support of fans across the country with her enthusiasm and moxie.

St. Louis Anarchy returns to Alton after more than a year away from home. Gary Jay has battered, bruised, and beaten more people in Spaulding Hall than you could shake a stick at. If there was ever a wrestler to have a home-field advantage in this sport, it’s Gary Jay.

Billie is charging into a buzzsaw this time around. Can she shock the wrestling world again and become the youngest champion in Anarchy’s history … Or is she getting chopped up?

Vol. 5 (Nov. 21, 2021)


Pre-Event Party

Anakin Murphy def. Solomon Tupu via pinfall

Main show

Kody Lane def. JDX via pinfall
The Premier def. Big Beef, Manders, and Christian Rose via pinfall
Warhorse def. Kevin Lee Davidson via submission
Kenny Alfonso def. Ace Perry via pinfall
Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Final: Billie Starkz def. Everett Connors, Thomas Shire, and Greg Jovi
Victor Analog def. Alice Crowley via pinfall
Derek Neal def. Craig Mitchell via pinfall
Jake Dirden def. Dak Draper via pinfall
Aaron Williams def. Kevin Ku via pinfall
Gary Jay def. Jeremy Wyatt pinfall to become THE NEW Gateway Heritage Champion

Vol. 4 (Nov. 20, 2021)

Since 2003, the Gateway Heritage Championship has come to represent excellence across the independent scene. 

Over the last 3 years, “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt has reigned supreme over St. Louis Anarchy and affiliated promotions as GHC champion. 

With 39 defenses over more than 1,100 days, Wyatt has achieved the greatest title reign in modern independent wrestling history and solidified his position as Best Pure wrestler on the planet.

But there is one person he has not beaten during his reign: the Stiff Robo Ginger — Gary Jay.

Twice they have battled for the belt under pure wrestling rules and both times they’ve fought to a draw.

But now that’s ALL out the window! 

There’s no time limit! No disqualification! There MUST be a winner!

At 43 years old, Jeremy Wyatt is the slyest of veterans but he possesses the conditioning of a person half his age. Gary Jay has put more miles on his body and taken more risks on his quest to be the best version of himself in the squared circle.

It’s not a question of how much more wear and tear Gary *will* put on the tires. It’s a question of how much more abuse CAN Gary Jay take?

On Nov. 20, does Jeremy Wyatt reign supreme once again? Or is The Monarch … just a lion in winter?

Vol. 3 (Oct. 28, 2021)


Pre-event matches

4-way match: Mad Dog Connelly def. Solomon Tupu, Chase Holliday, and Lobo Okami 
Anakin Murphy def. Victor Analog

Main show

Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier: Billie Starkz def. Jake Dirden via count-out
The Premier (Campbell Myers and S.K. Bishop) def. Big Beef and BSTRD Cassidy via pinfall
Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier: Thomas Shire def. Kenny Alfonso via pinfall
Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier: Everett Connors def. Alex Zayne via pinfall
Warhorse def. Kody Lane via pinfall
Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier: Moonshine Mantell def. Christian Rose via pinfall
The Besties in the World def. Unsigned and Don’t Care via pinfall
Angelus Layne def. Brooke Valentine and Charli Evans via pinfall
Anthony Henry def. Chip Day via submission
Jeremy Wyatt def. Camaro Jackson via submission

Vol. 2 (Oct. 18, 2021)

We have the card for this Friday’s “We All Go A Little Sometimes” event listed below. The card features some first-time matchups, a mystery opponents, international flavor, former Network talents, strange bedfellows, and a spectacular main event.

(Note: Matches are not listed in order. Card is subject to change.)

Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier
Christian Rose v. Moonshine Mantell
Rose’s war against The Family continues with a battle against the big Texan Mantell. Mantell brings brute strength and a bad attitude to the table; Rose is countering with his own devilish tactics and unwavering pursuit of revenge.

Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier
Kenny Alfonso v. Thomas Shire
A fast-kicking, speedy dynamo goes up against a tough-nosed marvel of grappling.

Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier
Everett Connors v. Alex Zayne
Zayne makes his Anarchy debut against one of the company’s most beloved and inspiring wrestlers. Connors is still looking to get off the schnide at Anarchy in 2021. Can he put it together against the dazzling high-flyer?

Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup Qualifier
Jake Dirden v. Billie Starkz
By nearly every metric, Dirden has a vast advantage: height and weight, strength and experience. But Billie has more than enough guts and moxie to go out there and compete against a monster. Does Space Jesus score the biggest upset in Anarchy history or does Dirden launch Starkz into orbit?

Kody Lane v. Warhorse
Eccentricity will be off the charts as the Southern Flamingo dances in the squared circle with 4,000 pounds of raw horsepower. It’s a veritable “Animal Farm” of violence, folks.

Evan Gelistico and Sean Orleans v. ???
Gelistico finds himself in a new tag team with commentator Orleans, who, up until now, has failed to get a win on even the pre-show. Evan has the smarts and the skill and Orleans has the heart, but will it be enough against two mystery opponents?

Triple Threat Match
Angelus Layne v. Brooke Valentine v. Charli Evans
Aussie ass-kicker Charli Evans makes her Anarchy debut. Brooke Valentine and Angelus Layne will be waiting to stamp her passport and stomp her face in.

Big Beef and BSTRD Cassidy v. The Premier
The cocksure club of The Premier are in for a rude awakening as they square off against two refrigerator-sized badasses looking to brawl.

Chip Day v. Fred Yehi
Chip Day returns to Anarchy a rejuvenated and more dangerous fighter but finds himself standing eye-to-eye with the Savageweight, who yields for no one.

Davey Vega and Anthony Henry v. Unsigned and Don’t Care
When Gary Jay and Aaron Williams (aka Unsigned and Don’t Care) put out a call for a tag team match, Davey Vega was ready to answer. Unfortunately, longtime tag team partner and friend Mat Fitchett can’t be at #MADSLA Friday night. Vega’s solution? Call up Anthony Henry, one half of the only tag team to ever beat the Besties in Spaulding Hall.

Gateway Heritage Championship (*Pure Wrestling Rules*)
Jeremy Wyatt (c) v. Derek Neal
Wyatt has established himself as the greatest champion in modern independent wrestling history. Neal has had maybe the best debut run of anybody in Anarchy’s history. Does the King’s Road Slayer topple The Monarch and end a 3-year reign at the top?

Vol. 1 (Oct. 1, 2021)

Welcome to the inaugural volume of The Manifesto, St. Louis Anarchy’s (un)official newsletter. We’ll be posting results, previews, and other assorted musings.

Wartime results

Kenny Alfonso def. Craig Mitchell by pinfall
Mitchell returned to Anarchy for the first time in more than two years. Despite being battered in the early goings, Alfonso’s resilience and persistence paid off with a nice upset win. Kenny moves onward to the Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup qualifiers at our next event. Mitchell will almost certainly be back in Anarchy. The fans love a good fighter and Craig Mitchell brings it every time he’s in a ring.

The Premier (Cam Jackson and Campbell Myers) def. The Brudders of Moo-struction (Evan Gelistico and Billie Starkz) by pinfall
Chicanery or not, The Premier are a talented unit and continue to be a terror in tag matches at Anarchy. They outmaneuvered and outsmarted their way to a win, distracting Evan and leaving Billie vulnerable to a 2-on-1 attack. After the show, Gelistico dissolved the team with Starkz, saying he’s let her down too much and that she’s got a brighter future ahead of her in singles competition.

Derek Neal def. Thomas Shire by pinfall
Derek Neal is 3-0 at Anarchy. He’s beaten Warhorse, Kody Lane, and now the King of Hoss Island; each of them with the Dingo Driver (fisherman buster). Neal has surely vaulted himself into title contention with this string of wins, a most impressive debut run in Anarchy history. As for Thomas Shire? It’s back to the island to rest up ahead of the Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup qualifiers in October.

Aaron Williams def. Davey Vega by submission
Vega suffered a knee injury in the early moments of the match but continued to fight on nonetheless. Unfortunately, Williams took advantage of the injury and earned a submission victory over the Ace of Anarchy. A rare tapout loss for Davey Vega. Williams moves to 2-0 in Anarchy in 2021. Vega is now 0-2 in singles competition since Anarchy’s return.

Gary Jay def. Rickey Shane Page by pinfall
They put the “War” in Wartime. Rickey Shane Page got under the fans’ skin and got Gary’s goat quite a few times in this one, suplex-throwing the Stiff Robo Ginger onto several rows of chairs and the concrete. But as Gary Jay has proven time and again, he’ll keep fighting as long as his heart’s beating and there’s air in his lungs. Gary rallied, hit the knockout elbow, and got the three count. In the end: Mizzou defeats Ohio State. Gary got on the microphone afterward and, amid plaudits from an adoring faithful, offered his own thanks to the fans before exiting the ring to find an ice pack.

The Family (Jake Dirden, Angelus Layne, and Moonshine Mantell) def. Christian Rose, Big Beef, and BSTRD Cassidy by pinfall
A wild brawl from the get-go. All six competitors fought around ringside and into the crowd for several minutes, sending fans scurrying for safety. Christian Rose’s thirst for revenge against his former compatriots goes unquenched yet again, his desire to chase after Greg Jovi leaving him open to a vicious spear by the wildman Jake Dirden. The Family may try to leave Rose in the dust, but it’s unlikely his pursuit will soon cease. Rose will get Mantell in a Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup qualifying match, while Dirden meets Billie Starkz.

Mat Fitchett def. Warhorse by pinfall
Two fan favorites and pillars of St. Louis independent wrestling, locked horns in a battle of hard rock versus heavy metal. The back-and-forth fight saw Warhorse target Fitchett’s leg while The Gunslinger went after Warhorse’s arm, with neither man yielding. Fitchett picked up the proverbial “hard-fought win” and earned a show of respect from Warhorse in the process.

Calvin Tankman def. Kevin Lee Davidson by pinfall
A war of superheavyweights sees Calvin Tankman get the better of KLD with a Fire Thunder Driver. Each competitor attempted to establish his dominance in the early going. Heavy artillery was called in as the two chopped, slapped, kicked, and slammed one another around the squared-circle. Tankman rallied many of the fans behind him in his Anarchy debut. Even in a losing effort, KLD again impressed with his dexterity and double-tough drive to fight and compete.

Davey Richards def. Everett Connors by referee stoppage
Connors got the jump on Davey before the bell, hitting a springboard dropkick, three topés, and a top rope blockbuster in succession. The American Wolf recovered in short order and put a vicious beating on Connors but the young man wouldn’t go away. In the end, Richards attempted to submit Connors with an ankle lock. The referee called for the bell when Connors passed out. After the bout, and with Connors nursing his ankle in the corner, Davey got on the mic and said Everett’s lackadaisical attitude and here-to-be-silly appearance were all bullshit. He knows Connors cares about wrestling and that the young man is damn good at it, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to compete at the level he does. Richards told Connors he’ll grant him another rematch if or when Connors gets serious with himself. Connors left the ring with plenty to think about heading into next month, where he’ll take on indie superstar Alex Zayne in a Tammy Jovi Memorial Cup qualifier.

Gateway Heritage Championship
Jeremy Wyatt (c) def. Daniel Makabe by pinfall
Thirty-eight. Jeremy Wyatt has been called on to defend the Gateway Heritage Championship and 38 times he’s succeeded. Wyatt’s 3-year reign at the top of Anarchy is perhaps the most dominant run by a champion in independent wrestling history. His advocacy for and mastery of the Pure style is unrivaled in modern day. Watching Wyatt and Daniel Makabe trade holds and counters was the equivalent of witnessing two chess grandmasters at work; only The Monarch and The Wrestling Genius held court on an 18’ x 18’ chessboard. Makabe had Wyatt at disadvantage a few times but Wyatt managed to escape or weasel his way out of any trap Makabe had set. You don’t have to like Wyatt (he doesn’t care if you do), you don’t have to like how he bends the rules of his chosen match style (he really doesn’t care if you do), but it cannot be denied that Wyatt is one of the best wrestlers going today. And it may require a force of nature to slay The Monarch.