St. Louis Anarchy Codes of Conduct


Thomas Shire comes to the ring. (Photo courtesy: Robert Starkz-Bellamy)

No racist, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist slurs. While we encourage our fans to scream, yell, and even curse to their hearts’ delight, none of the aforementioned slurs are allowed. The penalty for violation is as follows:

1st Offense: Warning (you are reminded the code of conduct)

2nd Offense: You are removed immediately from event with no refund. Case will be reviewed and you are subject to banning.

3rd Offense: Removal from event immediately with no refund and automatic banning for life from Anarchy events.

We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment or misconduct. That includes fan-to-fan, fan-to-wrestler, and wrestler-to-fan. If this happens at a live event, you will be removed from the event, your case will be reviewed, you’ll be subject to banning.

Questions about the policy should be taken to the door person, who will immediately contact management for clarification. Violations of the code of conduct should be reported in the same manner.

If you are uncomfortable with personal interaction, please DM @STLANARCHY on Twitter. This is checked frequently during live events. Report to the lobby and a member of our management team will come to you immediately.

Sexual harassment or misconduct outside Anarchy events is also violation of the code of conduct and you are subject to banning for violation.


Sexual Harassment or Misconduct Policy: If you are accused of sexual harassment or misconduct of any kind rather in person or online you are immediately removed from events pending investigation. Sexual Assault or Rape Zero Tolerance Policy: If you are accused of sexual assault or rape you are immediately taken off events and your working relationship with Anarchy ended. Racial Slur Policy Zero Tolerance: If you use a racial slur on a live event you will be fired immediately and not paid. Online racial slurs will result in no longer working for Anarchy. Homophobic Slur Policy Zero Tolerance: See above racial slur policy Transphobic Slur Policy Zero Tolerance: See above racial slur policy Guest Policy: Everyone is allowed one free guest and they are to stay out of the locker room at all times. We cannot police talent outside Anarchy events however please understand that misconduct outside of Anarchy events can result in loss of work at Anarchy.