2022 Year End Awards

St. Louis Anarchy personnel was asked to pick winners in each of the following six categories. The runners-up are listed as honorable mentions.

Wrestler of the Year

Winner: Derek Neal
Runners-up: Jeremy Wyatt, Thomas Shire

Match of the Year

Winner: ACH v. Kenny Alfonso (3/4)
Runners-up: Davey Vega v. Mike Bailey (5/6), Christian Rose v. Greg Jovi (7/29)

Moment of the Year

Winner: Derek Neal beats Gary Jay in <2 minutes to win the Gateway Heritage Championship
Runners-up: Dingo announces his return to pro wrestling, Evan Gelistico shaves Sean Orleans bald

Best Debut Year
(wrestled at least 2 matches on the main show)

Winner: Mad Dog Connelly
Runners-up: Rahim De La Suede, Anakin Murphy, Nick King

Most Hated Person(s)

Winner: Greg Jovi
Runners-up: The Rowdy Rough Boys, Jeremy Wyatt

Event of the Year

Winner: Circus Maximus X7 (7/29)
Runners-up: Fight to Live (5/6), Motivation (3/4)